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Who We Are

Intensive parenting has become the new norm. Today parents spend nearly 5 hours a week giving undivided time to their child – compared with 1 hour 45 minutes in 1975 – and they still worry it isn’t enough. For parents, giving their children the best start in life means doing everything they can to ensure their kids prosper. At Unleashed Brands, we believe in making the process of figuring this out easy by offering a wide variety of products across three key areas – Learn, Play, Grow.


  • Brands that enrich the lives of kids by teaching or enhancing their STREAM skills (Science, Technology, Reading, Arts and Mathematics)
  • Example segments: day care, early childhood education, tutoring, interactive museums, etc.


  • Brands that provide fun, energetic experiences that give kids the opportunity to be kids
  • Example segments – family entertainment, birthday party venues, bowling, escape rooms, etc.


  • Brands that provide opportunities for kids to build or improve their skills or hobbies
  • Example segments – Swim schools, music schools, gymnastics, karate, etc.

Can the Unleashed Platform change a brand’s trajectory?

We already have.

For the past 10 years, the team at Unleashed Brands has been building the platform and know-how for scaling businesses focused on serving families. That process has been fine-tuned growing Urban Air from 4 to 150+ parks in 5 years and now it’s ready to be unleashed on other businesses that share our mission – to impact the lives of every kid by providing fun, engaging and inspiring experiences that help them become who they are destined to be.
And how do we do this?

  • We curate and grow a portfolio of the most innovative and profitable brands that help kids learn, play and grow.
  • We plug them into the Unleashed Brand’s team, processes, systems and infrastructure.
  • And this frees up the brand to focus on the things that entrepreneurs do best -perfecting the product and the experience.

Our Brands


Million in Systemwide Sales

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Are You Ready
To Speed Up the Velocity
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Partnering with Unleashed is like grabbing onto a rocket. It will take you where you’re meant to be even faster than you could on your own. So jump on and save time and money by plugging into the purpose-built team and systems that built the #1 Kid Entertainment Franchise on the planet.